『Tante Marie's Cooking School』
 『Paula Le Duc Fine Catering』
にて修行。 自由な発想から生まれる世界の多様なテイストを盛り込んだ新しいスタイルの『カリフォルニア料理』を学ぶ。

また、『mika takaki catering』を設立。 サンフランシスコシンフォニーが主催するイベント他、多くのパーティのケータリングを手がけている。

  Chef. Born in Nagasaki, Japan.

After an early career in the fashion industry, Mika Takaki moved to the United States to study international business.There, after graduating university, began a new career in the film industry. Her work focused mainly on producing TV commercials for clients both in America and Japan. Extensive travel and exposure to many diverse cultures and cuisines led to yet another career shift, this time back to her life-long passion for food and cooking.

In 1998, Mika moved to San Francisco to attend culinary school where she focused on traditional french cooking techniques. Her career experience in San Francisco included working with Nancy Oakes at the renown Boulevard Restaurant, which to this day is one of the top restaurants in San Francisco, and for Paula Le Duc Fine Catering, the premier caterer in San Francisco.

Following these positions, she worked as a food consultant and recipe tester for a Japanese company as well as a cookbook published in the United States. Simultaneously while teaching private cooking classes Ms. Takaki began her own catering business. Today, she incorporates all of her various skills into her version of California cuisine.

Clients include the San Francisco Symphony, the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, several corporations and a number of private individuals. She believes that using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients is essential in order to enrich oneself both physically and spiritually.